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I come from a land far far away

where every home was a palace and dust was kept at bay 


no one in this land knew a broom or a mop

since invisible elves trailed inhabitants non-stop

when I came of age to marry

my parents threw a ball

and invited all the suitors to come make a call 


to the dance floor they led me 

to woo me with their moves 

but sadly though

not one of them could groove 

my parents said, "who cares if they can't dance... why they're rich! give them a chance!


If you don't choose a prince tonight you'll be dancing on dirty floors all day and all night! 

dirty dancing?hmmm... 


they continued:


"There are no little elves in other strange lands

you will have to work hard and use your own hands." 


but to me it mattered most that my partner could dance,

since I loved it so much

I had to take a chance 

when the guests left the ball

I felt really small

so I went to my room to meditate on it all...

"perhaps they're right.. nobody's perfect.. do I have a choice? is it all really worth it?"


I turned on the TV to distract myself and saw

the most beautiful floor

I was in absolute awe


Rows of multi-colored squares

that pulsed with bright lights

next entered a prince

that was all dressed in white  

"RICH OR POOR!" I said to myself

"I'd rather marry this prince more than have wealth."


I watched until the end to find out where he could be

I learned  he danced Saturday nights in New York City 

So off I went and yes I did find my prince

At something called a DISCO

and never looked back since

My parents were right

I have had to work hard

To keep my floors clean with my hands and no car


My prince also worked hard

we had no time to dance

but lived happily ever after

in our own made up trance

Yes I was sad at times but I had no regrets

Instead I wanted to help bring the elves to the rest 

Fairy god-mother I prayed

please show me the way

to help people in all lands

keep dust easily at bay 

She flew in on a broom

coming in with a thrust...

be your own elf with these slippers

and just Dance While You Dust!

This invention is dedicated to all the Cinderellas and Cinderfellas out there​.

I  can't wait to start dancing and dusting with you and



La Cenicienta LOVES YOU

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