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to The Disco Dusters Family


My name is La Cenicienta (Read the origin story here)

I am a single working mom living in a small apartment in Manhattan. I hated spending my day off cleaning only to have hair all over the floors again the next day, swarming around all the clutter. At the same time I didn't have the extra time and energy to vacuum daily. So I came up with this solution to trap everything in my path as I shuffled around the apartment multitasking. 

All busy working people of the world who appreciate clean floors, you're welcome! 

But there's more!...

Disco Dusters GIVE you energy rather than take away. The disco theme presses a play button in your head that lights up your mind like a lit up dance floor and make you want to party! Housework has never been this fab! 


Use them in the morning when you're getting ready for work or anytime your place needs a little love. Your home will feel like a disco palace no matter the size or decor, full of light, beauty and joy knowing your floors are good. 

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